Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage can utilize a variety of techniques that can enhance the body’s natural restorative functioning. Different levels of touch are used to help reduce pain, release tension, relax muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, and impart a sense of calm. Every Massage includes hot towels and essential oils options.

60 Minutes:$115

75 Minutes:$135

90 Minutes:$150

2-hours: $200

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Aromatherapy Body Systems Protocol

Choose to support your Digestive, Inflammatory, Respiratory, Hormone Balance, or Lymphatic Systems through gentle massage while using CPTG Therapeutic Essential Oils.

30 Minutes: $150

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Fascia Blasting

One session: Each Session includes 30 min in our Infrared Sauna prior to
fascia blasting to warm up your muscle and tissue and CPTG Essential to help assist.

Spend time on our 3-1 Inferred Sauna to begin your detox process and warm your body before blasting your facial tissue with the well-known Fascia Blaster. Backed by Science –Possible Fascia smoothing out & reorganizing, decrease in subcutaneous fat,  decrease in systemic inflammation, indications of improved collagen remodeling, decrease in appearance of cellulite, increased metabolism

Upper Body $99
(Areas include Arms, Back, Neck and Stomach)

Lower Body $99
(Areas include Glutes, Legs, and Feet)

Full body $149
(Includes upper and lower body)

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