What to Expect

Here at Utah County Therapeutic massage, we want to ensure that you have the most comfortable and effective massage experience possible. If this happens to be your first massage, we want to let you know that we understand that there may be many reasons that you have not had a massage before now. If they include the idea of a stranger touching you, seeing some extra tissue, or any other bodily insecurities you may have, take a deep breath and rest assured, your massage therapist is professional and wants your experience to be is as enjoyable, and beneficial, as possible. Do not stop yourself from receiving the benefits of massage because of any self-conscious concerns or feelings of anxiety that might occur. To help you prepare here are a few things:

Before Arriving

Remember to relax, this is an enjoyable experience that is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, not to cause it. Take a deep breath and know that this process will be a pleasurable one, and try to remain open to suggestions as well as letting your mind rest during your experience.

To reduce stress and anxiety, try to avoid rushing to meet your appointment. Remember to drink plenty of water, and to avoid eating within 2-3 hours of your scheduled massage so that your body has plenty of time to digest your meal. If you have a massage scheduled on a lunch break, keep it light, as the massage process itself could prove to be uncomfortable on a full stomach.

Upon Arrival

Come inside and let the front receptionist know you’ve arrived and they will take you to your room. Once you enter the room, the therapist will discuss with you briefly what to expect and then leave the room or provide you with the privacy needed to undress. Remember, disrobe to your comfort level. Modesty is respected at all times.

Before the therapist begins, it’s important to communicate honestly and accurately with your massage therapist. Remember to provide them information about problem areas that cause you pain, or that you’d like them to avoid. This is also a great time to provide your therapist with information such as whether you’d like to remain quiet, listen to music, or any other details needed.

Our therapists encourage honest feedback during the massage. Inform them of any discomfort immediately. You are also free to comment on things you are enjoying such as specific amounts of pressure, areas that are enjoyable, and the speed of hand movements. Most importantly, relax and breathe normally. Try to relax your entire body and become weightless while you enjoy your massage.

After the Massage

Allow your body to relax and slowly get up and dress. Upon exiting the massage room, be sure to ask about scheduling your next session. Massage has the greatest benefits with repeated sessions. Over time your body will begin to feel better, more relaxed, and help to reduce the effects of anxiety or pain with continued sessions. Drink lots of water to help flush your system of unwanted waste or toxins.

Remember, massage should be enjoyable, and we’re sure that after your first experience with Utah County Therapeutic Massage, you’ll be counting the minutes until your next massage. We look forward to serving you soon!