It is important to know why your body does what it does, so you know how to better support it.

Many times, the causation of your problem is not where the problem exists.

This is where you check in and learn more about what your body needs to feel its best. 

Massage Therapist

I learned at that young age how important self-care and self-awareness of our own body are and now it is my mission to share this with others.

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Hi, my name is DeAnn Zaborowski, a licensed massage therapist and the owner of Utah County Therapeutic Massage.

Welcome! My journey into massage therapy began when I was young and would help my father with my grandfather’s diabetes care. My dad would check my grandfather's insulin levels while I would massage his legs and feet, which he needed badly because of the lack of circulation.

During those times, I would watch my grandfather respond with approval- without the use of his words- but rather through his facial expressions. He was not a man of many words, and in those small moments, we connected through the therapeutic touch of massage, and I knew what I was meant to do.

Now, many years later, I am grateful to practice what I love doing. I look forward to meeting and working with you soon.

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"DeAnn is great!" 

"She is highly skilled and the atmosphere is relaxing. She listens to your needs and uses techniques that help improve circulation and mobility. If you are looking for relief from muscle pain, to alleviate stress, or just want a relaxing massage this is the place to go!"

"I look forward to my monthly massages by DeAnn." 

"I scheduled my first massage with DeAnn a few years ago because I had muscle tension in my shoulders and back from a stressful job. DeAnn not only gave me the best massage of my life but she also gave me some stretches to try and encouraged me to increase my water intake and then helped me understand why this could help my muscle tension. DeAnn takes an interest in every one of her clients and is truly committed to helping people."

"GENTLE YET THOROUGH. DeAnn is excellent!" 

"I would wholeheartedly recommend her. Over the years I’ve been to many massage therapists to relieve pain and tension in my body. DeAnn found many of the same “problem spots” in my body that others have found over the years. But, her work was different because while it was very thorough, it was much more comfortable than the other therapeutic massages I’ve received. It didn’t hurt! She is also very knowledgeable and I really appreciated that she spent time with me before and after to really understand my issues." 

DeAnn is trained to provide relief for the following conditions:

Piriformis Syndrome
Frozen Shoulder
Knee pain
Hand/Forearm Arm Pain
SI Joint Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Tennis/Golfer Elbow
Foot Pain/Plantar Fascitis
Restricted Range of Motion
Scar Tissues/Adhesions

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We seek to help you feel relief from stress and pain by not only working through the problems, but finding the cause to maintain a quality way of living. 

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