Providing more mobility, less pain and a stronger healthy body. 


Fascia covers every structure of the body, creating a structural continuity that gives form and function to every tissue and organ. The fascial tissue is everywhere throughout the body system; it is able to wrap, interpenetrate, support, and form the bloodstream, bone tissue, meningeal tissue, organs, and skeletal muscles. The fascia creates different interdependent layers with several depths with in our body deeming it the most sensitive part of the soft tissue. 

What is Fascia?

Blasting the fascia with instruments backed by science supports the body and regenerates fascial tissue at the cellular level - a vigorous yet welcomed instrument-assisted massage smoothing out & reorganizing the tissue, reducing the subcutaneous fat, decreasing inflammation, improved collagen remodeling, decrease in appearance of cellulite, increased metabolism. This provides more mobility, less pain and a stronger healthy body. 

Your session includes 30 min in our Sunlighten Infrared 3-1 Sauna supporting your immune system, heart health, detoxification and weight loss, then onto the table with our Red Light Therapy during treatment. We use oil to help the tools glide with ease and work through the areas of the body needing attention.

Fascia is the collagen matrix that determines muscle pliability and skin quality. 

Decrease inflammation, improve collagen remodeling, decrease the appearance of bound and adhered fascia (cellulite) through smoothing out & reorganizing the tissue with this process. We work through the body to get help supporting the removal of metabolic waste (toxins) so you can feel your best. This is perfect for someone with painful tissue (such as fibromyalgia), water retention, and difficult bound fascia.


flush and detox

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This treatment is for anyone that is serious about strong circulation, even in areas of past injury or immobility. Cupping brings blood to the surface and stretches the superficial fascia. Cupping is a great prep for Fascia Blasting that gets into the deeper layers of fascia. One can expect to feel the freedom of movement, pain relief, and overall vitality.

cup and blast

circulation boost

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Perfect for anyone wanting to work areas of their body - this treatment delivers.

full body


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60 Minutes
Single: $150
6 sessions: $840

90 minutes
singe: $175
6 sessions: $990

120 minutes
Single: $225
6 sessions: $1320

120 Minute sessions include 30 minute sauna, redlight while 90 minutes of blasting and either all upper body, or all lower body

90 Minute sessions include 30 minute sauna, redlight while 60 minutes of blasting and either all upper body, or all lower body

60 Minute sessions include 30 minute sauna, redlight while 30 minutes of blasting a specific area such as abdominals and waist, feet, back and shoulders, etc. 

Treatment packages

Not sure where to begin and want to independently be in control of your results?

Includes 1 tool (Problaster, Mini 2, or Faceblaster) 

60 minute

instructional blasting

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We provide specific noninvasive techniques to address different chronic pain or injuries you may be living with. 

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia, tissue in the foot used during walking and foot movement. Plantar fasciitis can be caused by a number of factors, including type of shoes, foot structure, overuse and types of walking surfaces.

6o minutes   
3 Sessions: $435
6 Sessions: $840

FasciaBlasting for Pain Relief

Treatment Options

Plantar FasciItis

Migraine/Headache Scalp Relief

These treatments are sold in packages only  and must be used in a consist manner to see the best results.  

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A headache is pain or discomfort in the head or face area. Types of headaches include migraine, tension, and cluster. Headaches can be primary or secondary. If it is secondary, it is caused by another condition. Avoiding headache triggers is the best prevention.

Foot/Hand/Wrist Pain (Carpel Tunnel)

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway surrounded by bones and ligaments on the palm side of the hand. When the median nerve is compressed, symptoms can include numbness, tingling and weakness in the thumb and fingers.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic (long-lasting) disorder that causes pain and tenderness throughout the body, as well as fatigue and trouble sleeping. 

(Liptan hypothesizes that problems with the fascia may lead to central sensitization, which is a key factor of the condition and involves the central nervous system becoming hypersensitive to pain

"I love love loved my experience with DeAnn."

"I did the sauna and fascia blasting treatment. I learned so much about my body while I was getting treated. I felt super light after and my backache was lessened by a lot. I could feel the noticeable difference in how I felt before and after the treatment. 10/10 experience."

"DeAnn is great!"

"She is highly skilled and the atmosphere is relaxing. She listens to your needs and uses techniques that help improve circulation and mobility. If you are looking for relief from muscle pain, to alleviate stress, or just want a relaxing massage this is the place to go!"

"DeAnn is hands down one of the most skilled practitioners I've ever worked with."

"DeAnn is incredibly knowledgeable and perceptive; she takes a whole systems approach to exploring issues (allowing her to treat the root of the issue rather than just the symptoms)."

"I 100% give her 5 PLUS stars."

"When I started seeing DeAnn I was in a back brace everyday and taking ALOT of pain medication. I have a few herniated discs and I feel like I had tried everything minus surgery. I committed to seeing DeAnn as much as I could. I am happy to say that I now longer am wearing a back brace."


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