Specializing in Physical and Emotional Pain Relief

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Specializing in Physical and Emotional
Pain Relief

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Allow Yourself to Feel Great

If you are feeling anxious or suffer from chronic headaches or pain in your neck or lower back, Utah County Therapeutic Massage can help you find relief. Schedule an appointment today.

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Assisting in the Ability
to Better Relax

Relief From Feelings
of Anxiety

Relief of Painful Headaches, Neck, and Lower Back Pain

Whether you are suffering from chronic low back pain, experiencing feelings of anxiety, dealing with frequent headaches, or are overwhelmed and just need to relax. We are here to make our journey a little easier.

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The Massage Experience in a Nutshell

Professional, classy, calm atmosphere, great communication, exactly what you are needing- a high-quality message. The best massage therapist I have ever used! Deann tailors to your specific needs for therapy. Received the best massage ever! Definitely in the hands of one of the best. I will be using her regularly!
Hannah S
Deann is an absolute miracle worker. With every massage, she not only makes my body feel relaxed but also puts my mind at ease because of how much she cares for each client. She is very thorough and I can't wait to go back for another massage.
Alyssa D
I love that DeAnn is so well educated about the body and therapeutic massage. I’m also very impressed that she continues to actively pursue learning about her profession. I’ve had some good massage therapists but DeAnn is very definitively the best. Also, the atmosphere and environment of her salon are second to none. DO IT! Give her a call and book your massage!
Lisa L

Wake up without pain every morning and feel energized throughout your whole day. Do the things you love again like running, and hiking. No longer suffer through constant headaches that come after a stressful day.


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